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I’m tired

Hi steph,   I’ve tried everything to advertise my products but people just like and when I tell them the price,they bargain and bargain until it gets to a very ridiculous price I don’t feel comfortable with and I don’t agree to it because of this,I’m already getting fed up of the ankara thing,I’ve not made…

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learn ankara accessories

How to sell your Accessories 3

I got this comment last week on the blog and I decided to answer it in a full blog post today. I have a feeling that a lot more people will benefit from the answer I have for Eunice. “I’ve always felt not so good advertising my stuffs on Facebook. I did on BBM n…

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How to sell your accessories 2

We are still on the topic of how to sell your accessories. Thank you Lizzy, Lade, Chiagozie, Prem Prem, Omolara, and Lucy for your contributions last week. Thank you for being an inspiration to others. From what I read from the comments, the main way of getting sales is by wearing your accessories and getting sales…

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How Not to Sell your Accessories

If you have made accessories for a while, you will know what learning the skill is one thing, knowing how to sell it is an entirely different ball game, and requires a different skill set. A lot of people ask me, ” Stephanie, can I really Ankara Accessories?” and my response is a big yes.…

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Ankara business idea for valentine

Love is in the air. Lol. I passed through a supermarket near my house and saw many red roses, teddy bears,some other red orishirishi. I thought aloud to myself, “Valentine has come oooo”. I have now started getting plenty “Order your cakes or val gift” Blackberry broadcasts, and I am sure you have also. Don’t…

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Do Ankara Accessories Sell?

Helloooooo I’m answering a hot topic today. “Do Ankara Accessories sell?” There are two ways to answer this question, the short answer and the deep answer. Lol The short answer is Yes. End of discussion. Ankara Accessories sells…infact anything can sell. Have you ever taken a walk in Balogun Market? If you do, you will…

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