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I’m tired

Hi steph,   I’ve tried everything to advertise my products but people just like and when I tell them the price,they bargain and bargain until it gets to a very ridiculous price I don’t feel comfortable with and I don’t agree to it because of this,I’m already getting fed up of the ankara thing,I’ve not made…

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learn ankara accessories

How to sell your Accessories 3

I got this comment last week on the blog and I decided to answer it in a full blog post today. I have a feeling that a lot more people will benefit from the answer I have for Eunice. “I’ve always felt not so good advertising my stuffs on Facebook. I did on BBM n…

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How to sell your accessories 2

We are still on the topic of how to sell your accessories. Thank you Lizzy, Lade, Chiagozie, Prem Prem, Omolara, and Lucy for your contributions last week. Thank you for being an inspiration to others. From what I read from the comments, the main way of getting sales is by wearing your accessories and getting sales…

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5 Places to get craft materials in Lagos

Yup! You read that right. Getting materials is one big step towards creating accessories, and today I decided to share with you my top places to get craft materials in Lagos: 1. Crafties Crafties was the place I learnt how to make bead accessories. I saw the founder some weeks ago and before I could…

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If they can make this, you can make it too

I am very happy at what our graduates have made and I want to share some pictures with you today. They came into the school as freshers, and have not learnt how to make these fabric accessories before and here are some pictures of their work after they attended our courses. Jane’s work   Tega’s…

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Free Ankara Box Training

Last month, I shared with you an idea to create an Ankara gift pack for Valentine. That’s not the only thing I have used that box for. I also sell the boxes. Some people have asked to buy the boxes, so that they can package gifts for their friends, or just to store things at home.…

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