African Christmas Gift Ideas

I’m excited… Christmas is coming!!!! In my family, we have a tradition of buying gifts for everyone, wrapping them up and putting them under the Christmas tree. Early on Christmas day morning, we rush to the tree to see what we got. Lol. Irrespective of how old I am now, I am always excited about…

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Tribute to Dr Myles Munroe

I’m not sure about  how I feel about Dr Myles Munroe’s passing. I know he said “The greatest tragedy is not death, but life without a purpose”. It is still hard to believe he is dead, because he is still alive in my heart. Dr Myles Munroe!!! The Father of purpose. I don’t know how…

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Thank you, ST Colours A-School

These are some of the stories that make all the hard work worth it. Thank You   I forgot to send this yesterday but it’s better late than never. I just want to say thank you for setting up your online school. Why am I thanking you?  You empowered me and fuelled the dormant creative…

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Behind the scenes of my business

Question 1: What do you do? I teach people how to start and grow their business. I use technology to facilitate my trainings, hence I have an online school. I started making accessories 10 years ago, and I built a business with the skill. I now teach other people how to do the same. Question…

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How to build a successful acessories business

I’m going to start with a true life story. No kidding. I watched him on TV during my holidays. He appeared on one of my favourite TV shows, Shark Tank to look for money to grow his business. Shark Tank is just like Dragons Den, a show where five investors will listen to different entrepreneurs…

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My new business secret

One evening, I picked up my laptop, and God led me to two interesting videos. The first one was an interview that Oprah granted. It is an hour long interview, and I would suggest that you listen to it, if you have the time, but what struck me in that interview was this: “The truth…

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The American Dream

Value your freedom Embrace other cultures   Nobody can take your skill from you Designer Jewelry? Hahahaha Tourist Mode         Deep words Here are the words: The picture was not clear, but I googled the words for you: I believe in the supreme worth of the individual and in his right to…

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ankara acessories business

I’m tired

Hi steph,   I’ve tried everything to advertise my products but people just like and when I tell them the price,they bargain and bargain until it gets to a very ridiculous price I don’t feel comfortable with and I don’t agree to it because of this,I’m already getting fed up of the ankara thing,I’ve not made…

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learn ankara accessories

How to sell your Accessories 3

I got this comment last week on the blog and I decided to answer it in a full blog post today. I have a feeling that a lot more people will benefit from the answer I have for Eunice. “I’ve always felt not so good advertising my stuffs on Facebook. I did on BBM n…

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How to sell your accessories 2

We are still on the topic of how to sell your accessories. Thank you Lizzy, Lade, Chiagozie, Prem Prem, Omolara, and Lucy for your contributions last week. Thank you for being an inspiration to others. From what I read from the comments, the main way of getting sales is by wearing your accessories and getting sales…

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