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Welcome to ST Colours A-School. (The ST is pronounced as estee not Saint. Lol. )

My name is Stephanie Obi, and for many years, I ran a successful Accessories business.

I started when I was in the university, continued while I had my 9-5, and I continued selling them while I was doing my masters.

Knowing how to make Accessories empowered me, I was able to make my own money and I spent it on the things I was passionate about.

I decided to share my knowledge with other ladies who also want to learn this skill so that they can empower themselves.

To date, hundreds of ladies have taken my training courses from over nine countries, and the testimonies they share with me, make me so emotional.

If you are just discovering me online, I say a big welcome to you and it will be a great honour to be a part of your success story.

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