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I’m tired

Hi steph,
   I’ve tried everything to advertise my products but people just like and when I tell them the price,they bargain and bargain until it gets to a very ridiculous price I don’t feel comfortable with and I don’t agree to it because of this,I’m already getting fed up of the ankara thing,I’ve not made any sale in months and its really depressing. I wish to be grow big in this business but with the way things are going,I’m getting weak from within.Help!!!
I don’t like doing them down anymore,I just use social media to advertise so when people see and they want,they can order but I don’t think its doing any change at all.
I feel these ankara accessories are customs and doing them down and not having anyone buy it is terrible so I don’t know anymore jare.

No dear, you have not tried everything yet, you have only tried everything you know, and now it’s time to get help.

I like that you know the value of your products and you stick to your prices, the next step would be to find the customers who appreciate what you have to offer.

Everybody is complaining about social media, the truth is there is a way to sell on Social Media, and it is not what you are currently doing.
When people like you, it is just the first step, they are not ready to become buyers yet. There are a lot of other things you have to do to get them to appreciate the value you have to offer and to buy from you.
There are also things you have to do to attract people who would likely buy from you. The people who are pricing your work like pepper are not your customers. They are just some jobless people hiding behind a computer, trying to see if they can frustrate you.
Lastly,  it can also be that people are tired of what you have to offer, maybe it’s time to design a new collection. What are you making that nobody else has?
What else are you doing to market your products, is it just social media? You need more marketing channels.
I hope this has helped.

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