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How to sell your Accessories 3

I got this comment last week on the blog and I decided to answer it in a full blog post today.

I have a feeling that a lot more people will benefit from the answer I have for Eunice.

“I’ve always felt not so good advertising my stuffs on Facebook. I did on BBM n Whatsapp but sometimes people take you for a joke friends mostly. Ok, here is what happend. A friend said she likes my bags and wants me to make for her. A bag I would usually sell for N3,000 she wants to pay N1500 each and and she also wants me to make with a purse too, for that same N1,500. Later she said she wants to learn and asked how much so I said she should pay N5000 but do u know what she said? She said she though it was for free. I only laughed I couldn’t say anything. I learnt from a dear friend yet I had to pay. Business is business. One stays in business when family and friends pay too. So showing on social media I don’t do any more. People see you as you wear them too and they take you more seriously. On social media they think you are desperate to get rid of your stuff.”

1. Social Media is not the enemy

There’s nothing wrong with marketing your products on Social Media, however the way you do it is different from how you manage your personal account.

If you just post pictures of your products all the time, then of course people will begin to look at you as if you are desperate.

Also, when you go on Social Media, it’s not only your friends that are exposed to your business, other people will also also find your business and you can turn them into customers if you are using the right strategy.

I will be sharing the strategy I use on Social Media in the new course, How to sell your handmade accessories.  I hope you will be able to take the course so that you can leverage on Social Media well to grow your business.

Wearing your products is a good idea to get sales, but if you want to turn your skill into a serious business, you need so many streams of new customers, and Social Media is a great tool to use.

2. Not everybody is your customer

Don’t get upset when your friends don’t patronize you or don’t take your business seriously.

It says nothing about your business, it just means that they are not your customer.

Your customer is someone who needs your product, and they will place value on your products.

Let me tell you something you should never forget,

“People are not doing you a favour when they buy your product, you are the one doing them a favour”

I know you might have learnt how to make accessories to be able to earn an income, and hence you might be desperate about making money.

But trust me when I say this to you, don’t get too desperate.

You are solving a problem for someone else, and they will appreciate you for that. When you meet your perfect customer, they will be so happy because you have solved such a big problem for them.

Let me give me a personal example:

I ran my Ankara accessories business for 3 years and I made a lot of sales during the period. I have now packaged all the tips I learnt all those years into a course and I will be coaching a set of people over the next three months.

Who do you think is luckier?

Me or the people who will take the course?

These people will learn the things that took me 3 years to learn.

They will learn my best practices, and they don’t have to make all the mistakes I made.

They will have the knowledge to make so much more money than I ever made, and knowledge is power. Nobody can steal it from you once you have it.

Not everyone will buy it, but the people who understand the value will buy it.

Those are the only people you should be selling to, people who understand the value.


 3. Place value on your products

It costs you money to learn the skill, practice, buy materials, and produce the materials.

I don’t know what kind of bag you want to make for N1,500 and you even agreed to include a purse.


Sit down and calculate your costs, if someone is pricing your work below your cost price, say no and walk away.

If you say yes, you are going to regret it because when you start making the bag, you will ask yourself  “who sent me?”, especially when you do not see any profit from it.

I see accessories designers do this all the time, selling below their cost price because they want some money.

You go wound oh!!!

I decided to add a bonus training titled “How to Price your products” to the “How to sell your handmade accessories course”

Because pricing is so important, if you practise all the sales tips and strategies I give you and you are underpricing your products, you are going to get frustrated and you will drop out of the business.

Even if you are doing this craft as a hobby and you like to make products for yourself, family and your friends during your spare time, it is your pocket money that you are spending.

Understand that nothing in life is free, somebody is always bearing a cost.

The moment you decide to turn your hobby into a business, some people that have been getting it for free will not take you seriously. They will continue to want your services for free.

Put your foot on the ground and nicely demand that people recognize that there is value in what you have, it costs you money to be able to produce it, and you can only sell it at a particular price.

Some people might walk away, abuse you that you like money too much. Allow them to go. Focus on the people who will praise God that they have met someone who has an amazing product to sell to them.

Remember, people are not doing you a favour when they buy your product, you are the one doing them a favour.

I hope these tips have helped.

There will be more amazing tips in the How to sell your accessories course.

For 3 months, I will be sending sales tips to the people who will be taking the course.

I’m so excited, I can’t wait to hear the results people will have from implementing the tips.

Once you know how to sell accessories, you can sell anything, because you can use the same strategies irrespective of what you are selling.

I talked about it last week, if you didn’t read last week’s post, you can check it out here.

I really want you to succeed and I hope to see you in class. Classes start on Monday, 28th of July, 2014.

Someone sent me an email, that she wishes she was in Lagos.

The training is an email training, this means that as long as you have an email address, you can receive the emails. So you don’t have to be in Lagos.

I also got a lot of questions on, how much is the course in my currency?

If you check this link, you can calculate how much the course will be in any currency on earth.

Can I start on another date?

Of course, you can start the course any Monday you want but you won’t get the early bird discount.

The early bird discount allows you to pay N15,000 if you pay before the 28th of July, 2014.

On the 28th, the prices change to the full price which is N20,000

How do I get started?

Visit this link to get the payment details.

After we see your credit alert, we will set you up for the course.

See youuuuuuuu

Hugs and Kisses’


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  • Adebowale

    Reply Reply July 23, 2014

    Will be happy to do these 2 courses.

  • Eunice

    Reply Reply July 24, 2014

    Thanks. Me sef I wonder o. After agreein I actually regreated.

  • Chiagozie

    Reply Reply July 25, 2014

    Someone has even asked me to make a bag for #500; if looks couid kill…
    Those that value my products are trickling in and I hope more will come with time.
    Let’s not give up; we’ll have beautiful stories to tell in future.

  • Ruth peter

    Reply Reply May 15, 2018

    mehn…so true…
    seriously if looks could kill,so Many people would die…
    I’ll make a bag worth 1500 from my pocket n here u are telling me…”as per friends na” iffa hear
    thanks Steph

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