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We are still on the topic of how to sell your accessories.

Thank you Lizzy, Lade, Chiagozie, Prem Prem, Omolara, and Lucy for your contributions last week. Thank you for being an inspiration to others.

From what I read from the comments, the main way of getting sales is by wearing your accessories and getting sales from people who notice it.

This is definitely a great way to make sales, it works ALL the time, in fact I am always surprised at the responses I get from people. You will still find people who have never seen an Ankara Accessory and they would be blown away by this.

However wearing your products is not the only way to sell your accessories. In fact, you have to be doing so many other things that will help you generate sales.

For most of us, we started making accessories as a hobby. We are just trying to explore this new field, and so it’s okay if we just make some money here and there.

However, if you want to sustain this craft as a business. If you want to grow from hobby to business, you have to become a ninja. Lol

Seriously, what I really mean is that you have to become more strategic. No more making sales by luck, but this time, having a sales target for your business and having a plan on how you are going to achieve your sales target.

This has taken me a while to learn, when I just started out, I was clueless, scared, and shy. I don’t think you can be worse than I was. I was very creative, I would stay up at night making cute accessories, but I didn’t know how to sell. Smarter people just came and copied my ideas and they made so much money.

Even when my accessories started selling, I did not know why people were buying them, and so I did not even know what strategies to repeat to make them buy again. I was just doing trial and error, and I wasted my money on activities that did not bring back one naira.

I always said, “I wish there was somewhere I could go to who would just teach me what I should do, I’m making so many mistakes” 

Till now, there is still no other place where you can learn the business side of accessories in Nigeria. I have attended a lot of training programs, but they don’t go into the kind of detail I’m about to take you through. Even if you don’t live in Nigeria, the principles will still apply.

It’s not enough to have the skill, you also need to know how to make money with the skill, and I want to teach you how.

I have a new course, titled “How to sell your handmade accessories”. So whether you make Ankara accessories or beadwork or wirework, etc this training is for you because the same principles will apply for all of them.

The training will be via email. A number of people have issues watching the video trainings, so I’ve tried to make this one course easier for people to access. It does not matter where you live, you will be able to access the training.

The training will also be for 3 months. Every day for the next 3 months, I will send you a sales tip. An actionable step that you can implement in no time. Just imagine you receiving sales tips from me everyday. What do you think will happen to your sales if you implement half, not even all of my tips.

The tips that I am sharing with you, are the things that worked for me. I won’t tell you anything I did not do. For instance, I didn’t sell my accessories through shops because that did not work for me, in fact one of the shops I approached to sell my products said that they don’t take designers who are not well known. I wanted to cry, it was as if she slapped me. I just hurried out of the shop before she could see my tears, very hot ela. I turned my frustration around and used it to find other ways to market and sell my products and that is what I’m going to share with you. 

PS: I’m not saying that shops won’t work. My business environment is different from yours, you can still try them out. You might have a different experience. 

I’m kick starting the training on Monday, 28th July, 2014.

The cost is N20, 000.

If you are ready to turn your hobby into a business that makes money, contact me here 

Lots of love

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