Hotter than Fire

Last week I went for a wedding, and  I wore an outfit that got me so many compliments.

Infact when I got home, people were still pinging me to tell me I looked hot.


I was just looking at the outfit and wondering to myself,

“Na so you fine?”

The great thing about it is that it was made at home.

My sister made the dress and I made the necklace.

Can you tell?

We picked up this fab chiffon material from Tejuosho market, and made it into buba and iro.

I just tied the wrapper using the knot style.

For the necklace, I made it…yes keh! Accessories mama.

It took a long time and I got help, but it was great to receive all the compliments.

I made one for myself and wore it in the picture above.

Gave one to my mum

My mum is in the middle, scoping me. Lol

My mum is in the middle, scoping me. Lol

Gave another one to my fab sister (who made the iro and buba for me)


My stylist of life

My aunty has asked for one, two of my friend have also taken one each, but unfortunately, I don’t have their pictures, I would have put it up here.

Everybody I tell that I made this necklace, wants one.

If not that it takes such a long time to make, I would have opened a seed bead necklace business…because this is exactly how I started my first jewelry necklace.

Each time I made a necklace, everybody wanted it and did not mind paying for it, and so I started selling necklaces…just like that.

Do you have something you made, it’s time to tell the whole world you made it.

Send me the picture of what you made to me @stcolours on Twitter, with this hashtag #iMadeIt

Who knows…anything can happen, say what , say what, anything can happen. Lol

Next week, I will go into the details of how I made this necklace.

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Can’t wait to see your pretty designs.

Let’s share the good news of your pretty designs.

PS: It does not have to be restricted to clothes or accessories, if you have made something else, you can still feel free to share it.

See you on Twitter and in the comments below (ofcourse)


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  • Emediong Ibanga

    Reply Reply April 30, 2014

    Like the neckpiece. Yeah it will take time but it comes out nice.

  • Florence

    Reply Reply May 1, 2014

    Yeah! The combination is indeed fabulous.
    U Go, Girl!!

  • Comfort

    Reply Reply May 3, 2014

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm… Steph! Steph! I see you! Great neckpiece u’ve got there. I make beads n wirework jewellry too and when I added ankara accessories to it(learnt from st colours A-school),my friends n neigbhours started calling me a fashionista! Lolz… Loving life everyday!Will share some of my handmade designs to you.

  • Comfort

    Reply Reply May 3, 2014

    Its called “Turning Passion into Profit” #The Pink Pearl #Pearlz Mystique #Imadeit

  • Chiagozie

    Reply Reply May 10, 2014

    You look stunning! I started out with beads necklaces too. Then added Ankara Bags and Accessories thanks to ST Colours A-School. I want to learn how to sow since I sketch and design most of my outfits. All my tailor does is to transfer my sketches into clothes.

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