How to protect yourself from copycats

how to protect yourself from copycats

I really used to get mad at copy cats.

After you have tried so hard to come up with an original idea, somebody will just see it, copy it and even make a louder noise with it than you are making or sell the idea at a ridiculously cheap price.

This used to run me MADDDD!!!!

Why do people copy?

Why can’t people just think and come up with their own ideas?

Well…I still have not found the answer to this question, and I realized that getting mad was a waste of my time and emotions.

There will always be innovators and copycats. You just have to decide who you want to be.

I choose to be an innovator and here is what I did:

  • I challenged myself to continue creating.

The thing about creativity is that it can never be exhausted. The more you create, the more creative you become. It is like a muscle, the more you exercise your creativity muscles, the stronger it gets. The copycats are only limited to your innovations and by the time they catch up with you, you would have moved on to something else.

  •  Add some personality

It is now harder to copy me, because my personality is written in everything I do. It does not matter if 100 people are doing the same thing you are doing, if every one of them adds their personalities to it, it can never be the same. Even twins have different personalities.

  • I got some protection

I learnt how to protect my work, example pictures. It is so not cool for you to see another person using your pictures to market their own businesses. Unfortunately a lot of people do this without realizing that it is so wrong…on so many levels.

Since you know that someone might steal your pictures and claim that they made the accessories, watermark your pictures.

There are several ways to do it, but today I am going to show you how to use Microsoft Powerpoint to watermark your pictures.

It’s pretty easy and the software is already available in all computers.

1. Open Microsoft Powerpoint on your computer

watermark picture 1

2. Copy the picture you want to watermark and paste it on the Powerpoint page

watermark picture 2

3. Write your brand name in a text box. Position the text in the position you like

watermark picture 3

4. Right click the image and save it as a picture

watermark 4




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  • Abimbola

    Reply Reply February 26, 2014

    You can also use picasa for that. That is what I use.

    • Steph

      Reply Reply February 26, 2014

      Yes, thank you Bimbo.

  • vickky

    Reply Reply February 27, 2014

    U are just too much.thanks a bunch

  • Chiagozie

    Reply Reply March 26, 2014

    Thanks a lot!!! Never crossed my mind. Will do it today!

  • Sharonne

    Reply Reply April 8, 2014

    Thanks for the tips, and what you said is true creativity can never be exhausted. Continue inspiring us, be blessed

  • Nicole

    Reply Reply August 6, 2015

    So inspiring and true. Thanks

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