How To Sell

The Ankara Accessories You Make

Glad to have you here, you are going to be so excited after you read to the end because I will be sharing with you some tips on how to sell Ankara Accessories, because I know that this is where most people face challenges.

You can do it, I know you can, my job is to support you in every step of the way.

The training below is a sneak peak of my "How to Sell Ankara Accessories" Course.

Enjoy it.

Sales Tip 1: Wear your accessories and have some for sale in your handbag

steph in bib

Trust me, people are going to compliment your accessories, and when they do, don’t just say “Thank You” and walk away, Say this instead. “Thank you, I made it”

If they show some more interest, you can say, I also have the accessories for sale. Then you quickly dig into your bag to bring out some accessories you have.

If you don’t have extra products from you, you can quickly show them pictures on your phone so that they don’t lose interest.

Then ask them, “Would you like me to make one for you?”

Chances are they will say yes!!!

Sales Tip 2: Ask your friends to refer you

ask friends

You can tell them that you will give them a freebie if they send a customer your way or you can give them discounts.

Sales Tip 3: Create a set.

ak set

People like to buy matching accessories, and it makes a lot of sense for people who want to use it as a gift. You can make a matching earring necklace and bracelet, and package them in a box etc. This is such a great idea because you can sell more than one item at once

Sales Tip 4: Get Featured on a blog

ak blog

There are so many ways.

You can send a mail to a blogger and offer her one of your accessories free of charge and ask her to talk about it on her blog. You can then give a special discount to her readers. Bloggers are always looking for how to reward their readers so I’m sure she will be happy about the deal.

Sales Tip 5: Host a sales party in your house.


Invite all your friends for it.  Promise them that there will be good music, food and drinks…and make sure they fulfil their promise. One last thing…tell them to come with money in their wallets. Lol

Sales Tip 6: Offer a gift with a purchase.



It does not have to be something expensive. Give them something nice, cheap and thoughtful, it will encourage people to buy from you.

Sales Tip 7: Always host seasonal promos.



Any time it’s your birthday, Christmas, Easter, Sallah, Independence, etc. Have a special promotion for your customers.

Sales Tip 8: Hold contests.



You can either do this monthly or weekly. People like to compete to win a prize; it’s in the human nature.

Sales Tip 9: Attend exhibitions


Arrange your stand in a very attractive way, hand out your business card to anyone who comes to your stand, collect their email addresses and send them an email after the exhibition thanking them for coming to your stand and encouraging them to buy from you.

Sales Tip 10: Take beautiful pictures and upload them on your BBM, Whatsapp, or Facebook.

ankara 21


This will definitely attract people and cause them to start asking you questions. You can eventually sell to the people who love the picture

If you try some (not even all) of these tips, there is no way you won't make money with Ankara Accessories.

The trick about sales is that, you have to try so many different ideas to bring sales. By the time you add up all the sales you have gotten from each idea, you would have made a lot of sales.

Are you ready to learn how to make Ankara Accessories?

Whether you want to learn how to make Ankara Accessories for fun or to start a business, I can help you. I have packaged all I know into four different courses:

  1. Ankara Accessories Course
  2. Ankara Bags Course
  3. Ankara Slippers Course
  4. Packaging Course

You can find details of what each course contains here If you click on that link, you will find out more about what you will learn in each of these courses and how much they cost.

In case you really want to take the courses and they seem to expensive for you, I'm going to give you a newcomers offer.

Pick any of the courses you want and take them for N10,500 each. This offer will end in 7 days time, so please hurry if you really want them. After 7 days, you will have to pay the full price. To get more details on how you can pay, send an email to and title the email "Newcomers Discount". Also indicate what country you are currently based in.

In case you are wondering...

How do you teach these courses?

We have training videos on our website, but you can only access them with a username and password that you get after you pay for the courses.

You can watch the training videos wherever you are, using a laptop, phone or tablet.

Are you sure you are not a scam? All those 419 people, doing yahoo yahoo and stuff?

Hahahaha, no I am NOT a scam ohh!. I know there are 419 people scamming people on the internet, however not everybody in Nigeria is a scammer. Most of us are trust worthy Nigerians hustling it out, the right way everyday.

I have been very open about who I am, so there is no secret identity thing going on here. You can visit the About Stephanie page, to learn more about me.

What if I don't always have internet access?

You have access to a course for as long as 60 days. This is more than enough time to learn a course. Within that period, you have all the time to look for a fast internet connection and use it to watch the videos.

Not only that, you can also visit the showroom, where you will see the works of some of our students who have gone through the school. I met all these people online, just the same way you have met me now. They live in parts of the world that I have never been to, and that is the beauty of this online school. No matter where you live, you can learn how to make these accessories.

I don’t live in Lagos, and I want to attend your course.

That’s not a problem at all. We have online classes where you can watch the trainings from the comfort of your home or city. All you need is access to good internet. If you want to watch the online videos on your phone, it must be set to 3G, not EDGE.

What if I have questions, you will not be there to answer them?

You can just write them in the comments section, and we will respond to them within 24 hours.

What if I am making a mistake, you won't be there for me to ask?

You will be watching a video. You can pause, rewind, play it again 100 times if you like. You will be seeing what I am doing clearly.


What tools do I need?
We have a training video called tools in each of the courses. You can watch this video after you have paid for the classes. We want you to buy the right thing when you get to the market, so we advise that you go shopping for your tools after you have watched the training videos.

What if I don't want to take the online class, I want to come to your office?

We run an online business, and hence all our courses are online. We don't hold physical trainings

Do you teach how to make Ankara shoes?

No, however some of our students have made shoes after taking our courses. They just figured it out by applying what we taught them in the other courses.

How many bag designs do you teach?

We teach you the process involved in making a bag, afterwards you can apply the techniques to make different designs of bags.

Bag making is a skill that requires creativity. I can decide to tell you to pay N50,000 for a one month training, and start teaching you how to make different designs using the basic template, but that would be a waste of my time and a waste of your money.

I choose to encourage you instead to be creative and come up with your own designs, using the basics that we have thought them. I don't want every graduate of ST Colours A-School to be making the same type of bags.

If you notice, our graduates have all designed different bags, and they took this same training.

Do I have to know how to sew?

Not necessarily. There are different ways to make bags but since most of our students do not know how to use a sewing machine, we concentrate on techniques that do not require a sewing machine.

Why should I train with ST Colours

Our training method is different. We teach you how to create your own unique designs.

We are online, wherever you are in the world, we can help you live your dreams.

Also, we don't disappear after your lectures are over, we follow up on you. We help you to keep your dreams alive


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